Kristen B Photography: Blog en-us Kristen B Photography (Kristen B Photography) Fri, 23 Jun 2017 01:46:00 GMT Fri, 23 Jun 2017 01:46:00 GMT Kristen B Photography: Blog 120 80 Ellie Turns 1 {Virginia Beach Photographer} I swear I will never forget that first birthday with my girls. I mean we did it! We survived that first year. They came such a long way from their days in the NICU. All the supplements paid of and showed in their rolls and budda bellies. So first birthdays first NICU babies are just maybe a little extra special. 


Little Ms. Ellie is no exception! She has come so far and grown so much from her NICU days. She is just such a little miracle! Girlfriend can give a sick mean mug but a little song from Momma and she is right back to smiles mcgee. 


We had a crazy windy beach day; June has been a little around here in Coastal Virginia. But what I think I love most about Ben and Lizzie is they are just so laid back. They seem to live by the "she'll be fine" mentality. Can I get an amen for no helicopter parenting!! Maybe it's the Mainer in Lizzie, because my hubby is the same way. 


Happy First Birthday Sweet Ellie!! I love watching you grow! 


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Waiting on Bro This Momma and Daddy are going to have their hands full soon with 2 rambunctious boys! But if I know anything about close siblings (mine being only 6 minutes apart) is that your hands are only full with more love! Congrats Mike + Val! Can't wait to meet your new dude! I sure hope he inherits his brothers awesome locks! 


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It's Sohpie's World Our family got a visit from my childhood friend slash sister this week. Of course I had to show them my special spot down at Sandbridge. What was to be a family session quickly turned into a Sophie Session. Y'all this is a child after my own heart. She is as free as a bird, beats to her own drum, and can capture a room in a hot dang second. She's beautiful and kind like her Momma and hysterical like her Daddy. I adore you, you little fire cracker. Never ever change! 


Alyssa, You are truly family to me. There are few of my childhood memories without you or someone in your family in them. My heart burst with happiness to see your little family happy and healthy. Y'all don't be strangers. The sea might have cast its spell on Sophie girl. Come visit often!! 


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The Cuteness Doubles Ms. Peyton waited just a few more days for us to squeeze in a maternity session but she couldn't wait for me to finish processing the images! 


Just like Regs, Ms. Peyton is as cute as a button. You can see why when looking at their gorgeous Momma. Can't wait to meet you little lady. 


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Blue eyes and gray skies I don't know if it's the red hair or the gray skies but y'all did this family have the most gorgeous eyes! And of course with Jake there I had to wipe my eyes from tears of laughter. I just love families like these. You can see how much love and laughter is shared between them. Goals y'all. Definitely family goals! 


This was my first time up to Yorktown beach and I will for sure be back. Though I'm an ocean girl, if there is sand and water, I'm there! The street is brick lined just a pebbles throw to the the sandy waterside. Gorgeous rock walls reach out to greet the water. I can only imagine sunrise. Can we say early morning road trip?


I can't wait to see this family again at Jake and Joanna's wedding. Thank y'all for spending a random Tuesday sunset with me. Enjoy a few of my favorites. 


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Daddy's Home I'm am FINALLY catching up with editing.... Thank you guys for being patient! Seriously though, every time I sat down to edit these images I teared up. The importance of this day just got me right in the feels. Freddie, to be able to see you meet your son for the first time was so special. Koryn, I feel like I say this to you a lot but you are just amazing. I'm so happy you have your partner in crime back. Lawd knows you need a break!! Thanks again for sharing another family memory with me! I heart you Schmidt family. 


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A Family Affair {Chesapeake, VA} This family is one of the easiest families to photograph. I mean just look at them. They're naturals. Even the dog with that tongue! I literally laughed out loud when I saw it. It was so nice to meet your whole crew Desiree. These are some of my favorites. 


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Daddy's Home for Christmas {Chesapeake, VA} I'm so excited for this family this holiday season. Last year this time Trent was deployed over seas. I just can't imagine how difficult it is for families to be separated, especially at Christmas. Rachel and Easton are troopers though. But this year is different! Daddy's home! Enjoy Kelley Family! 

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Oh Tootles, Reaghan turns 1! Stop it right now. Look at those cheeks! Reaghan is a girl after my own heart with that resting face, completely unconcerned that we are all doing our best to get her to smile. She has a job to do. So leave her to her cake. MMmmkay. Happy first birthday sweet girl! 


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2 boys and a Lady {Virginia Beach Family Photography} She's out numbered y'all! But something tells me she couldn't be happier. Conner and I forced Kirsten in pictures this time around. She, like most Momma's is usually the one taking the pictures. I swear our kids are going to look back and wonder where we were because we are never in the pictures! I'm so glad she did because she looks beautiful and happy. I tell you what, she is doing an amazing job with those boys of hers. I can't wait to see what kind of man Conner grows into. He is just the sweetest thing. Even the dog is better behaved then my two wild women! I adore your family! 

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A girl and her pooch {Virginia Beach Photography} This wild man was all about adventure and letting the park know he was there. Oh Finn, you are so much like a 2 year old human! You are just as cute too! Allyson, you are two peas in a pod! 


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Swords and a Bald Spot {Chesapeake Family Photography} A day with the Cousins Family is never dull! You can be sure giggles and mischief will ensue when your clients show up with swords. Fear not, this is the second year these weapons have made an appearance on the Christmas card. That's what I love most about this family! And those boys know how to work their photographer. I have this feeling Nico plotted from the beginning to not smile unless I allowed a murder scene. He was an awesome helper getting his Momma and brother to laugh... until my hair got caught in his vest (whilst he was jumping on my shoulders.) Fortunately I have plenty of hair left to cover up the bald spot. If you question where these dudes get their ornery streak, please reference the picture of Jaysun with the stick (also an attempt to make Momma and boys laugh!) Anca, you are a saint! Here's to many more years of memories, swords and all, with your family. 


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Family Fun {Chesapeake, VA} It was a family affair last weekend at Chesapeake Arboretum! Though we started out with some tears from the little ones, a few funny faces and snuggles fixed that right up. These little cuties are just 15 hours apart! Imagine how much fun they're going to have growing up basically twins. It's easy to see there is a lot of love in this family. Mr. and Mrs. Redfield have been married 36 years y'all! Just look at how they laugh with each other! It's my favorite. It was so nice to meet such a sweet family! 


Look here for your whole session. These are some of my favorites. 


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It's Fall Y'all {Chesapeake, VA Fall Mini Session}


It's also time to announce my first ever mini session date!! 


October 15th @ Chesapeake Aroboretum

3pm - 6pm

How it works .....

..... Pick a time 

..... Contact me here to book

..... Pay your session fee of $75

..... Show up looking fabulous 

..... Wait a week for an emailed link to your session

..... Download your images and print release

..... Contain your surprise at how easy that was!

Available Times (keep checking back for updates)

3 pm -- 

345 pm --

430 pm --

515 pm --

6 pm -- 


Your session will last 20-30 minutes. Please arrive on time and ready to start. Your session fee includes online viewing gallery with 5-7 downloadable images and print release. Session fee is non refundable due to cancelation. The session is for 5 family members. Each additional member is $10. Should the weather not cooperate there will be a rain make up scheduled. 


Can't make this date? Fear not! Stay tuned for November and December dates. 

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates. 

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Itty Bitty Baby Doll {Virginia Beach Newborn Photography} This little nugget joined the world oh so early. Weighing just under a pound at birth she is still itty bitty. But don't let her size fool you, she packs a personality punch. I swear to you I could hear her saying "Lady move on, I've got a nap to get to." 


I don't know if it was me wearing her out or just the smell of the salt air but she was out like a light once we went outside. Ellie, I know how you feel, there is nothing more relaxing. 


I've got to give it to Ben and Lizzie. They have been through so so much with this little peanut and they are no worse for their wear. It's probably one of my most favorite things about this couple. They are salt of the earth good people and so down to earth. 


Thank y'all so much for choosing me! I look can't wait to watch this little one grow. 

Check out their full gallery here



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A Pretty Little Present I've been working on something for you! My time with you isn't just behind the lens. I spend time with your images to preserve your memories. Those memories deserve a pretty package. 

After all, you are the reason I get to do what I love. Thank you for choosing me. I'm truly honored. 

I hope when you receive your images you feel like you got a present. A gift from me to you. 

Don't forget my card so you can come back to visit your memories and plan for your next session. I would love your help growing! So keep one and share one. 

Thank you for your business! 


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A Model Among Us {Virginia Beach Engagement} Generally speaking, men loathe photo sessions. My husband being at the top of that list. When the guy is game it makes the session so much easier. When the guy is absurdly hysterical it makes the session ridiculously fun. Seriously y'all I could barely snap the pictures because I was laughing so hard. It's not often I could have an outtakes reel. There was abercrombie posing, there was crawling through dunes like a cat, and there was a very special moment with a bare chest. Jake, you are one of a kind! Never change.


But seriously this is what good and lasting marriages are made of. Joanna, I just love how you let Jake be Jake. You don't stifle him. You laugh with him. I promise you that will get you through some of the inevitable lower points of marriage and especially when those little chitlins come! Never loose that part of your relationship!


If your wedding is half as fun as your engagement session we will be in good shape! Can't wait! 


Check out my favorites below and follow the link here for the full session



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By Land or by Sea {First Landing State Park, Virginia Beach} This family came all the way from Maryland to spend time with me so you know I had to take them to one of my fav spots! We all know I love the beach but those tall southern pines and weeping spanish moss just scream coastal Virginia. Only the best for my out of towners. 

 Lindsay and I went to nursing school in what feels like a lifetime ago. For two years of nursing school and our first year of actual nursing we spent a whole lot of time and a whole lot of starbucks together! Two states later and three babies it was like I just saw her last week. That's how you know you have a good friendship! 


Speaking of babies, will you just look at this nugget! She is pure sweetness from her Daddy and sheer determination from her Momma. Y'all that's a recipe for one strong lady. You'll move mountains little lady. 


It was too short y'all! Come back soon. 


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Back on the Right Coast Almost every Friday night, in what seems like a life time ago, my mom and Aunt Terri would pack us kids up and take us to visit Dominic at Cafe Napoli for pizza in our home town in Delaware. Two single mothers formed a friendship that has lasted basically my whole life. We lived 3 doors down. I honestly can't remember too many events in our family that Aunt Terri and Chase weren't at. Of course, as the story goes, people grow up and move away. Me to Virginia and Chase to Arizona. We have met and married some pretty awesome people. And I have to say, collectively, our kids are pretty rad. I maybe see them every 4 years or so now. So when Aunt Terri asked me to head to Delaware for Chase, Irina, and Meyer's east coast trip, I of course couldn't say no. Guys, it was a quick day but it was so great catching up with you and meeting Meyer. Maybe one day we can make it out to the dessert.... but you know I can't be away from the sea for too long! Enjoy some of my favorites from your session and see the rest here!






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Sleepless in Chesapeake {Chesapeake, VA Newborn Photogrpahy} Mr. Jaxson, you are one of the cutest little movers and shakers I ever did meet. Honestly. I don't know if I've ever seen a baby as active as this dude. Arms are moving, legs are kicking. I'm sorry Momma and Daddy! It's a good thing he is just so stinkin cute!! Despite their lack of sleep, you can just see the love these two have for each other and baby Jaxson. 


Check out the full gallery here

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