Christmas Mini with my mini's

November 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

My mini's modeled for me. Which sounds like a great idea. We don't have to leave the house. I'm still wearing my pj's. There are endless snacks for bribery. 

And here's how it really went.... There was a lot of wrestling, kisses, hair pulling, mama fussing, daddy running away. Oh and chocolate chips. Lots of chocolate chips. 

There is just something about having your mama in your face all the time with a camera that makes you see it and run (ahem ELLA.) 

I'll be honest, creatively, studio isn't my most favorite. God's landscape is so much better then the one I create. But darned if it isn't convenient. 

So let's talk about mini sessions! They are a god send for both parents and kids. They're great for invitations and holiday cards. 30 minutes and 5 poses later and BAM we're done. 

Anyone who knows me knows that Christmas cards are my thing. It may be one of the only things I truly look forward to at Christmas. *cue the scrooge quotes* Christmas cards to me are the capstone of your year, a way to show your friends and family that you are in fact still alive and well. 

There is still time to schedule your Holiday Mini session. The weather in Virginia makes it perfect for outside sessions! 

Check out for details!! 



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