I Love Lucy: Hampton Roads Photography

November 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Lucy Rose, 

How I love thee. Before you were a thought in your mama and daddy's head I knew I would love you. Your mama is my very best friend for half my life. She got me through more tough times in my first years of motherhood then you could possibly imagine. That's why  you and your family will forever and ever be so special to me. Boy oh boy do you have the best big brother a girl could ask for. He is sweet, he is kind, and he has probably the biggest heart of anyone I know. The look your daddy gives you would melt any heart. I'm sorry for your first boyfriends! And your mama.... oh what can I say about your mama. She's special. All mama's (and friends) aren't all made like her. You undoubtedly will pull each others hair out and one point or another. You can always come visit your Aunt Kristen! But you will know one day just how amazing she is. My wish for you is your smile never fades, your sweetness never sours, and you and Ella and Hailey have the same kind of friendship your mama and I have. 


Aunt Kristen



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