Ellie Turns 1 {Virginia Beach Photographer}

June 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I swear I will never forget that first birthday with my girls. I mean we did it! We survived that first year. They came such a long way from their days in the NICU. All the supplements paid of and showed in their rolls and budda bellies. So first birthdays first NICU babies are just maybe a little extra special. 


Little Ms. Ellie is no exception! She has come so far and grown so much from her NICU days. She is just such a little miracle! Girlfriend can give a sick mean mug but a little song from Momma and she is right back to smiles mcgee. 


We had a crazy windy beach day; June has been a little around here in Coastal Virginia. But what I think I love most about Ben and Lizzie is they are just so laid back. They seem to live by the "she'll be fine" mentality. Can I get an amen for no helicopter parenting!! Maybe it's the Mainer in Lizzie, because my hubby is the same way. 


Happy First Birthday Sweet Ellie!! I love watching you grow! 


See Ellie's full gallery here 




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