Hi! I'm Kristen. Sometimes called babe by my husband of almost 10 years. Also known as momma by my twin 4 year olds Ella and Hailey. Oh and don't forget Nurse by my patients.

I met my husband 15 years ago on the Labor Day weekend before 9/11. He was shipped over seas the week after. We got to know each other through letters. I saved all of them too! 

Ella and Hailey joined our family 10 weeks early after my whole pregnancy on bed rest. They have ruled the roost from that day. They are sweet and sassy little tyrants. I have absolutely no idea where they get that from! 

My "real" job is being an Emergency Room nurse. I have known since I was a little girl that I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up. I'm not sure about the growing up part but I couldn't be more proud of my chosen profession. 



The whole reason I picked up my camera in the first place was because of my two little ladies. My Dad bought me my first DSLR to take pictures of the girls when they were born. Photography unlocked a creativity in my brain that I desperately needed. It's my therapy. It's my love letter to my girls from their childhood. I feel so blessed to be able to have two jobs I love and am passionate about. 



..... I live on coffee. It's my life force. Don't even look my direction until the first cup is complete. 

..... I have that dark sense of humor that most people don't really get at first. We will blame that on my nursing career. 

..... I will never ever turn down a reese's cup, a french fry, or a margarita. Period.

..... My husband took these pictures of me. He hated every minute of it. As he does most family sessions. But honestly, he is my biggest supporter. I often wonder if he'll get tired of my sassy attitude. I should also mention I was wearing his flannel PJ bottoms in these pictures.... at 2pm.... because that's how I roll. 

..... I grew up in Delaware and made a circle of the Mid-Atlantic states. Virginia is my favorite! 

..... I'm a gypsy at heart. If it wasn't for my husband I'd move every 6 months. 

..... If you can't tell from my personal photography projects, the sea is my savior. When I have salt in my hair and sand in my feet I feel most myself. I could never not live on the coast again. Never. Ever. 

..... Speaking of the sea, I leave sand everywhere I go. I call it my fairy dust. It's in my car, in my house, in my camera bag. Maybe even ground into my DNA.

..... My name is Kristen, I'm a recovering selfie addict. I'm ashamed... Kinda. Please reference my husband hates pictures. Without selfies would my kids even know I was present for their childhood? 

..... I'm an open book! I walk the fine line of maybe I shouldn't have said that. So ask me anything! I hope we leave as friends and I can capture your family growing for years to come.